Coffeeneuring rides 3 & 4

I wrote about the Coffeeneuring 2017 Challenge, from Chasing Mailboxes in this post.

My third ride was to a different bike shop with another bike. This time it was my cargo bike (Gazelle Cabby) that also needed a service and some exciting modifications. A post about them eventually. The tragedy of this trip is that I drank water. The shop’s espresso machine was on the blink and Sasha the owner was most disgruntled. She had to make do with filter coffee. (I understand, I really do)

Where – Melbourne – inner city suburbs

Distance – round trip of 7 kilometres

Drink – water, I had coffee at home!

Cafe cup/my cup? – my own mug

My fourth ride was just a spin around and a sit in a nice quiet park so I could read a book. Again I had water, this time I threw it out as it tasted terrible. So again, I had coffee at home.

Where – Melbourne – inner city suburbs

Distance – 8 kilometres

Drink – terrible water

Cafe cup/my cup? – my own thermos cup



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Graduation post 3 (final) – the gown and hood

Yes, I’m milking this for as many posts as I can!

My father was an academic and had several occasions each year where an academic gown was required. He died almost 30 years ago and his gown would have been at least 15 years old when he died. My mother kept it, ‘just in case’, and stored it for all these years.  She sent it to me for my graduation.

Contemporary gowns are polyester blends and can be many different colours, black or navy are the most common. This gown is black and made of heavyweight linen. It was made by Ede & Ravenscroft in London. They started business in the late 1600’s, are still trading and are still in Chancery Lane.

On this gown the sleeves are very long with a hole at elbow height for your arms to stick through.

The gown sits over a shirt or suit jacket and the weight of the gown keeps it from shifting.

Finally the hood goes over the top. It is either safety pinned onto the gown or attached to the button of your shirt. Usually the outside is the University’s colour and the inside is the faculty colour. Mine is dark blue, lined with cherry red. I bought this!

This gown is at least 45 years old, possibly more. It shows signs of wear and has thinned in areas where it was folded and stored. When I got it, it was almost grey in places. I took it to the dry cleaners with some trepidation. Happily it came back looking very black and good.

I did some darning and mending on the more obvious holes and decided not to worry about any others. This gown is elderly, no longer perfect, has clearly been used and has a family history.

The actual day was special on many levels. It was lovely to graduate again, I am very proud of having done a thesis. My family were there throughout the thesis and were there to share the graduation joy. The gown connection with my Dad was also special.









Click for links to the posts about my silk blouse and black trousers.

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Coffeeneuring 2017 – a new challenge

Chasing Mailboxes (terrific title) is a blog about cycling by a woman who lives in Washington DC. This is the seventh year that she’s run the coffeeneuring challenge. She sets a few things to achieve that involve bicycles and coffee (or equivalent) between the middle of October and the end of November. At the end you can get a cloth badge. This year involves:

  • Seven rides over six weeks
  • Seven different locations
  • Each ride should be 3.2 kms minimum (2 miles)
  • Each ride must involve a drink and a photo
  • Reuseable cups are encouraged.

My first ride was to the Dior exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Fabulous frocks and close enough for me to test ride my husband’s electric bike.

Where – Melbourne – inner city suburbs

Distance – round trip of 8 kilometres

Drink – tea

Cafe cup/my cup? – my own thermos cup

My second ride was to a bike shop that specialises in electric bikes. My husband’s bike needed a service. I was given a courtesy bike to ride away in. I needed a break from riding it pretty quickly, it was just completely the wrong fit for me. Neck and wrist pain ensued. I didn’t take a photo of the courtesy bike, but got one of my husband’s bike after I’d picked it up again.

Where – Carlton and Melbourne CBD

Distance – 10 kilometres

Drink – tea

Cafe cup/my cup? – my own thermos cup



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Graduation post 2 – the trousers

Black trousers – yet another pair of black trousers. I’ve been wearing the much-modified SA Barbs for a while and am sick of having nowhere to put my hands, my phone or even my keys. I needed trousers that would work for more formal occasions too. Such as a graduation ceremony.

Image from Simplicity website

I used Simplicity 8056 – Amazing Fit flared trousers – view A. I wanted a pair of trousers that fitted without an elastic waist, but that also had a bit of give as my waist fluctuates a bit. I used a self-striped bengaline with a little stretch for comfort. Still not fond of this fabric.

The pattern was OK, it needed several alterations as I went. I used the curvy fit and had to further take in the yoke to fit to my waist. I have an hourglass figure so often have to alter patterns. I wonder if  ‘curvy fit’ means less of a differential between waist and hip, a pleasant and charming way of saying middle age tummy?

The crotch curve is good and the rise front and back suit me just fine. I had dramas with the fly zip insertion. The instructions were not good and there were several (many) swear words. I eventually gave up on the instructions and used my Readers Digest sewing book instead. Success and relief!

They are very flared, more than expected. I have a size 9.5 foot and they extend beyond it by several centimetres. It looks OK, well I’m getting used to it – best of all – I have pockets!

The details

Fabric – 2 metres of black bengaline with a self-stripe, from The Remnant Warehouse – $20.00

Pattern – Simplicity 8056 – $5.00 from a Spotlight sale.

Notions – all from stash.

Nuisance factor – Fly – very high, otherwise medium overall.

Total = $25.00

Do it again? – possibly – considering the shorts option in a firm twill.

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Graduation post 1 – the blouse

I submitted a research masters at the end of 2016. It dominated my existence in 2015 and 2016. A research masters meant I did a thesis not coursework, 35 000 words later and I am relieved beyond belief that it is all over!

My graduation date was the end of September and I needed an outfit. Something that worked with a black academic gown, black mortar board and bright cherry red hood. Something like this:

I played with colours and silhouettes and realised I needed something that would support the weight and colour of the gown, not compete with it. So neutral, but not boring.

I decided on black trousers and a nice blouse. I needed a collar to hold and provide structure for the gown. I had to have buttons to anchor the hood. The gown is heavy, a knit would not cope, it had to be a woven fabric. Enter Vogue 8689, view B, and cream silk twill from the Remnant Warehouse in Sydney.








I didn’t have time to test the pattern. I decided to trust myself, measured carefully and cut the size 18 – D cup. Wise move. I added my usual alterations to top patterns – graded out to add extra width at the hip line and a full bicep adjustment. Also wise moves. I cut the back yoke in one piece, not two, and cut two of all the yoke pieces. I wanted to provide a bit more structure and strength by lining the yokes.

The pieces went together well, the drafting is excellent. The sleeves went in easily and the cuffs were straightforward. I wonder why I don’t use Vogue patterns more often! The collar is not terrific, due to operator error. I am out of practice for shirtmaking. The only change to construction was to do the burrito method for attaching the yoke and bodice. The silk was lovely to use, I do like robust natural fibres.


I like it!







Costs & details:

Pattern – Vogue 8689, bought a while ago in one of the many online Vogue sales, $6.00

Fabric – 2.2 metres of 100% silk twill from The Remnant Warehouse. I used most of it. $16.96 per metre, $37.31 in total.

Threads – 1000m spool of Rasant thread, matched by the Remnant Warehouse – $8.50

Other notions – from stash.

Nuisance factor – very low, this was a pleasure all along.

Total = $51.81

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Formal Dress – 2017 – the wrap

Miss 17 needed something to keep her warm, something around the shoulders that was unstructured enough to balance the very structured dress. I tried to buy her a black velvet wrap but she decided the price was too high and that “you can make one for half that!”

We bought one metre of 150 cm wide black velvet jersey. It is quite heavy and has a lot of stretch. One metre was too wide, but half a metre was perfect. I spent almost an hour getting the material folded into an accurate rectangle of 50cm by 150cm.

Eventually I did it.

I tried to sew it on the sewing machine but the stretch combined with the velvet pile made that impossible. That is 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

I got out the overlocker and it was a dream sew. I left a small opening, pulled it right side out and handstitched the opening.


There is a short video on instagram.

Here she is with the new dress, wrap and shoes, but no head. I’m not allowed to show her face on a blog about clothes.

This was taken the day before the formal. On the actual day she also had a new leather clutch, beautifully arranged hair and had borrowed some of my jewelry.

All done!



Costs & details:

Pattern – Self drafted rectangle. Does that qualify as a pattern or careful measuring?

Fabric – 1 metre of heavy velvet knit from Rathdowne Remnants. $25.00

Thread, broken needle, bent pins & recovery flat white – from stash.

Total = $25.00

Do it again –  only in a different colour.


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Formal Dress – 2017 – bodice and skirt

Once I’d finished doing the first bodice, the lass tried it on. It needed tweaking. So I had another go, and another and finally got it with attempt four. That was made up in the final fabric and put to one side to wait the skirt.


I started to work on the skirt which meant using the whole cutting table. I had a rare moment of wanting a bigger table.

Through work I have a connection to a retired designer. Her advice was to cut two half circles. One seam would accommodate the zip at the back, and the other would be at the front. Then when it was attached to the bodice I should cut the hem.

Drawing in the circle with chalk, taking a big breath and  cutting it out.






The bodice and skirt came together and I inserted the invisible zip. That sounds so straightforward but it was not. A fair amount of steam was needed, plus almost every pressing tool I have – the ham, pointer thingy, and my own hands.

Miss 17 is a petite lass! That’s my hand covering the centre back from top to waist. I had to stitch the lining in by hand.

Miss 17 wanted to have the peak of the hem over her knee, not in the middle. I decided that one side needed to be not quite a half circle. You can just see the seam over her left knee. In this photo I’ve pinned the hem up and she is wearing last year’s shoes.





I free-handed a curve from the left knee to the side hem, then mirrored it on the other side.

I did a tiny hem as shown on this YouTube video. Then I finished off with a thread chain and hook.


More in another post…

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Singapore 2017 – Peoples Park Complex

Heritage buildings – Chinatown

The Peoples Park Complex is on Park Rd, in the heart of Chinatown. It has a myriad of small shops, all housed in one large complex. Some of it is air-conditioned, some isn’t. There are a lot of fabric stalls and one gigantic haberdashery shop.


The fabric is overwhelmingly woven, cotton and cotton blends. One shop had Liberty fabrics, one shop had a selection of superfine merino suiting.

Last year I bought the white broderie anglaise in this photo. And used if for Miss 16’s year 11 formal dress.


This year I came to browse, not needing to buy anything. Then I found the haberdashery shop! More Clover products than I could imagine, and all in one spot.

Suddenly I needed stuff. I bought the following – reflective tape, a magnetic pin holder, a silicon pressing tool, large wonder clips, and a seam guide.

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Formal dress 2017

Another year, another formal dress for Miss 17. This is her final year at school and she wants long, dramatic and stunning. This is the inspiration dress.

Just too long!

The thought of cutting off all that fabric was too much for her.

Can you make one? Mmm, I can try.






I found McCalls 6838, which is very similar. I trace off the pattern and did a flat measurement check. Miss 17 should fit with minor alterations only. I made a toile (I have a great deal of fabric for this). It took four hours!

It stands up because it has its’ own skeleton. This thing is boned. I did not realise just how straightforward boning a bodice is! It is interfaced with Shapewell as I could not find cotton organza – anywhere!

It fits her well, as expected, with minor tweaks needed. Onto the shoulder shawl thingy and skirt part next.

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Singapore shorts

We went to Singapore. I needed shorts and quickly. My much modified elastic waisted trouser pattern to the rescue again. It was originally the Barb trousers pattern from Style Arc, but has morphed so many times it is now my own.

I had floral lightweight denim and dark navy, mid-weight denim, each with a bit of stretch.








I decided to use pink top-stitching thread in the floral shorts. I liked it so much I used it in the dark denim pair. It is a nice bright contrast to the denim and gives a balance to my lily white legs.








The family do not like the floral shorts, but I am rather fond of them. However the navy shorts were worn more often. I need a shorts & trousers pattern that is an easy and quick make, like this, but with pockets. I miss pockets. Any pattern suggestions?

Costs & details:

Pattern – Style Arc Barb, shortened to above knee, lifted the centre back by 1.5 cm. The original pattern was a free download a couple of years ago.

Fabric – 1.2 metres of floral denim from the remnant warehouse in Sydney, $12.00. Another 1.2 metres of dark denim from Rathdowne Remnants, $10.00.

Thread and elastic – all from the notions stash.

Total = $22.00 for two pairs of shorts.



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