Looking back at 2019 – sewing and other stuff

My new drum

2019 was a good year overall. My little business has consolidated and is doing well. I’ve been able to update some of my equipment and pay for professional development. My other work – as an employee – is bearable. Aiming to change things up in 2019 so that I can ditch both part-time jobs.

Personal stuff – my kids are healthy, content and doing really well at school or uni. I am slowly losing weight and very slowly building my strength and fitness levels.

Sewing stuff – I’m loving following the Kibbe style system (thanks DoctorT!). I’ve used it to guide the selection of patterns and fabrics for work related clothing. It has been useful enough that I’ll continue it in 2020.

In 2019 I listed six hopes, lets see how I did:

  1. Trousers – full length in black and navy3/4 length in blue and maroon. Maroon didn’t happen, the others did
  2. Tops! I need tops that are suitable for work, at least two more. A few more short sleeve t shirts would be good too. I made one linen top for work and several short sleeved tees
  3. Swimwear – using the beautiful fabric and the patterns I already have. Made one pair of bathers
  4. Casual bottoms, leggings for under my tunics and pinafore. I made a short pair of leggings
  5. A proper tailored wool jacket. This did not happen, again
  6. Undies, it’s time to make undies. I made some fantastically comfy undies that will never, ever be blogged..

Above I mentioned Doctor T – again I am inspired by her latest posts with her data crunched into charts. Here are my 2019 sewing charts:

In this chart “other” means self-draft or more accurately I made it up as I went along. It also includes Jalie. Intriguing to see how many times I used the one pattern. The Lark and Carine tees were used four times each, as was the M2M leggings template.

I always feel adventurous when using a Style Arc or Jalie pattern. Similarly for Grainline’s Lark and Elbe’s Carine Tee.

Vogue et al are so familiar they are almost comfortable.


This chart has no numbers, and only includes the actual clothes.

I made a lot of t-shirts, I think because I needed them. And they are very satisfying to make on my overlocker and coverstitch.

Several trousers too, of which only four are wearable (one was a dud). And a few pairs of leggings, not all for me. Which links nicely to the next chart:


Yes – overwhelmingly me.

I should consider making more for other people in 2020.




Speaking of 2020, these are my sewing hopes:

  1. More trousers, using different patterns each time
  2. Woven tops – shirts and tunics
  3. A few more casual t shirts, both long sleeved and short sleeved
  4. Make at least one bra
  5. More undies – that will also never be blogged
  6. Finally make a tailored jacket! Simplicity 8468.

All the best for 2020!

About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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