Chewbacca nightie

I went to Frocktails 2017 and won a lucky door prize. $50 to spend at the online shop – For the love of Fabrics – yay!!!!

There are many funky prints in this shop. I lurked for several weeks before finally deciding on two Star Wars inspired prints. Chewbacca looking cute, like a labrador puppy that has just eaten all your slippers. I got a panel, which is 75cm wide and one metre tall.

I need night clothes. For years I have made do with old T shirts. My kids are starting to object to how short they are. Enter the Grainline Lark tee. I lengthened the pattern so that I could get the whole panel in. It sits just above my knees.

I added extra width to the hem, flaring from just above the waist. I also added some length to the sleeves along with my usual bicep adjustment.





I used a mid blue cotton/spandex blend for the sleeves, collar and back pieces. It came from deep stash, I’m not sure how long I’ve had it. It has similar properties to the print, but is a bit thinner.

I made this nightie eight months ago and I really like it. The fabric is thick, stretchy with terrific recovery, and has held it’s colour and print superbly through many washes. I got another print, which will become pyjamas.

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One Response to Chewbacca nightie

  1. Janine says:

    Lucky you. A cute baby chewbacca – you see something new everyday. I suppose instead of your children complaining you will have to fight them from stealing your top.

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