Maternity Jacket

This is from the archived section of my wardrobe.

My eldest is now 18, in her first year at university and loving it. When I became pregnant with her I knew I would be making virtually all my maternity clothes. Back then the Pregnancy Survival Kit was coming into vogue. At the time is was all black clothing, very stretchy leggings/tunic/dress made from synthetic fabrics.









I was going to be big (well huge actually) over a hot Melbourne summer. I didn’t want leggings at all. I wanted trousers, shorts, tops for work and a jacket. All to be made from cottons, linens and wool. I found a pattern in Vogue which is now totally out of print and not on their website. I can’t remember the number and later gave it to a friend who was making clothes for her daughter. It had trousers/shorts, an A-line top/dress and the most beautiful jacket. I made the jacket first.

I bought the wool crepe from a stall at the Queen Vic Markets, here in Melbourne. I knew I needed a bright colour and this pink worked with my skin colour and all my clothes. The lining is a much lighter pink silk, from Lincraft.


A mistake, as it later tore at the armholes, during my last pregnancy (third child). The jacket had been borrowed by some friends, so it was the sixth baby for the jacket.

I did a quick repair with a few layers of fusible interfacing.

I knew this would be the last time I could spend a long time on tailoring a wool jacket. A lot of time went into this jacket. I didn’t bag the lining, using thread ties instead. The shoulders were gently padded, which has thinned a bit since then.


This jacket was worn a lot. It worked with jeans and my work trousers.  I made a dress from a lovely floral fabric, to wear to special functions and events. They were the only pregnancy clothing I kept. Now after several years, the jacket and dress have gone to another soon to be mum who also loves bright colours. I’m not sure I want them back!


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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2 Responses to Maternity Jacket

  1. Lizzie says:

    That looks like a beautifully made jacket. I wouldn’t have felt much like doing that when I was expecting my first!! Lovely shape too. It’s nice that it’s been worn by so many women!


    • Accordion3 says:

      Thanks Lizzie! The early stages of pregnancy were queasy for me. I found focusing on creative things was most helpful. Also, I knew I needed a jacket as soon as possible as I became pregnant as we went into autumn. By the time it was too warm for a jacket I was almost ready to pop.


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