Podcasts, about sewing and other stuff.

I do a lot of driving for work. I used to listen to the radio and sometimes CD’s. We had a Federal Election a couple of years ago, which coincided with a new car. The radio was all about the election and that bored me to tears after the first week. The new car made listening to podcasts really easy. I am now hooked on podcasts in the car.

I’ve subscribed to numerous podcasts, often to the ones I “should” be listening and others I’ve found through links. I’ve later weeded through and let go of the ones that I just turned off. And then there are the podcasts I listen to routinely, almost as soon as they are released:

  1. The Health Report – I LOVE everything about this podcast. Host Norman Swann really does his homework and reads what the shows’ researchers produce. He asks good questions and allows his interviewees time to respond. The icing on the cake is his most beautiful Scottish accent.
  2. Conversations – Richard Fidler interviews people with an interesting story. Each episode is roughly 50 minutes long and allows for plenty of discussion. Fidler ensures each interviewee really shines and talks.
  3. Ladies we need to talk – Showing my ABC love here with a third podcast! Yumi Styles discusses topics that can be squirmy and embarrassing. She does so with clarity and humour and comes from a starting place of curiosity.
  4. Sewing out loud – Mallory and Zede start with a topic each week and then take flight. Following their advice, I switched from woolly nylon to Maxilock Stretch, and used the three thread narrow overlocker stitch on stretch clothing. Much better results!
  5. One fat lady & one thin lady – Two Australian media personalities get together and have a natter. Not even remotely intellectual.
  6. The Sporkful – Dan Pashman hosts an eating based podcasts, that occasionally strays into foodie territory. My favourite episode is the one about marijuana. Hilarious listening.
  7. Trust me, I’m an expert – Coming from “The Conversation” online magazine. Challenging to understand concepts, explained in away that respects the listener’s intelligence and addresses their knowledge gap.
  8. Sewing with Threads Magazine – Monthly podcast, from sewing writers whose knowledge is encyclopaedic and who clearly love talking about sewing with other sewing experts. Wish it was more frequent!
  9. Politics with Michelle Grattan – Also from “The Conversation” – long form interview from the respected and veteran political journalist. The length of each podcast varies a lot, and the content is usually interesting.
  10. The Guilty Feminist -Deborah Frances-White and her guests, use a dry wit and wry humour to discuss topics that their feminist core should feel more strongly about. Occasionally this strays away from humour, and can be overly long.
  11. Clothes Making Mavens – Mostly I listen for Barbara Emodi at the end of each podcast.

I listen to a few others, work and sewing related. The above are just some. I mention humour and wit a few times. I like to smile while driving and it is easier to drive with light hearted audio than more serious audio.

Any suggestions?

About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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2 Responses to Podcasts, about sewing and other stuff.

  1. Summerflies says:

    Oh thanks for this as I love listening to podcasts (the ABC ones also) but mostly true crime, but I’ve heard some really badly done ones. The Teacher’s Pet is a great one (Sydney) which was just recently the number one podcast series in the world! Very compelling. I’d definitely going to check out some of your recommendations.. especially One Fat Lady One Thin one…


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