Raglan – fourth attempt!

I’ve written about my raglan obsession here. A quick reminder: I had tried two different raglan patterns and decided to try a third. Finally I made up the Lane Raglan from Hey June patterns, and had it nicked by the youngest lass. I did like the pattern and the curvy hem so I reached for it again.

My previous experience in taping together PDF’s saw me going to a print shop for an A0 copy.  I double checked the flat measurements around my arms, chest and hips. I decided to use the large bust version.

My chief gripe with raglan patterns is that the necklines are rather wide. Too wide for me. This time I traced off the highest of the necklines (size 2XL) and blended back to the 1XL size. All good so far. I used the hemline for 1XL and it was way too long. I had to trim 5cm from the length and use a 2.5cm hem.

Trying to add the neckband was incredibly difficult. I just could not get the folded over fabric to lay flat. I gave up and stretched the fabric out to make a single layer with a curled edge. The edge has curled over a bit more and I like it very much.

Sewing happened a week or two after cutting out. All construction was done on the overlocker and coverstitch machine. Most of the time my coverstitch is wonderfully behaved. I tried to hurry it a bit and a few skipped stitches ensued.I don’t mind too much. I can do running repairs if necessary. And remember to go more slowly next time.

Costs – the fabric was from Seamstress fabrics, but has sold out. It was around $28.  It is a light french terry and very nice to work with.

Pattern – Lane Raglan and an extra $4.00 to have it printed.

Threads – generic overlocker threads and Maxi-lock stretch in the coverstitch looper.

Do it again – maybe, with a smaller neckline.

I like the fit across my bust and hips, the gentle shaping is flattering. The fabric is thin and more of long-sleeved t-shirt than a jumper.  I have yet more french terry to use up. It is heavier in weight so I may size up as well as decreasing the neckline size.


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I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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4 Responses to Raglan – fourth attempt!

  1. Janine says:

    Thanks for the link to a new to me fabric shop – fabric looks very good. I am glad you are having success with the raglan sleeve tops – my two attempts have not been so good – Neckline too wide and sleeves too large. Thanks for this review.


  2. Ciara says:

    It looks great on the dress form! It’s making me want to make another raglan, even though I always hate how they look on me…


    • Accordion3 says:

      Hi Ciara! I’ve worn this top a few times now and am liking it a lot. The angle of the sleeve/bodice seam really works for me. It is the first pattern I’ve tried that does. Certainly the larger bust drafting has helped too. I see more of these soon.


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