Raglan top

I made a raglan top from pale blue fleece  – not blogged. I used French terry for another one, also not blogged. I used an old Burda pattern which was OK, but needed modifications to work for me. Major mods. Initially the neck was too tight on the pale blue, then too wide on the terry. I think Burda just doesn’t work for me. I discounted the Grainline version of a raglan as it has a super wide neck. I gazed at other raglans.

I got some heavy knit blue and white stripe fabric from one of the fabric swap meets and it screamed raglan jumper. Finally I heard and read good things about the Lane raglan top from Hey June patterns. I bought, downloaded and did the taping dance. I haven’t done the taping dance for a bit, I’d forgotten how much I dislike it! img_3714.jpg

The lines never meet up precisely, but the above is the biggest mismatch I’ve had yet. All operator error, I did at least get the top of the sleeve sorted:


The fabric is quite thick and almost spongy in texture, and stripey. Cutting on the fold wasn’t going to work. I just couldn’t face tracing off the pattern so instead I used bright pink washable texta’s. The sort you give toddlers. In fact I think this pen once belonged to my kids when they were toddlers. I traced off one side then flipped it over:


I didn’t quite get the two bodice pieces out. The back has the lovely curved hem. The front is straight. Better forethought in placing the pieces would have helped.

Sewing up was easy enough, the instructions are good, I glanced at them and then went for it.


I found the neck to be quite wide – again! I made the collar quite wide to compensate and take advantage of the fabric design.


I made the 1X size, on me this is just a bit too tight to be worn over other clothing. I didn’t do a bicep adjustment and I should have. Really what I should have done was check the stretch in the fabric. It is simply not enough for this pattern’s drafting. Beginner mistake –  sigh.

Instead, I leveled and shortened the lower hem and shortened the sleeves too. It has gone to my younger lass. She has a similar build to me, but at 13 is still smaller. On Miss 13 it is perfect and she likes it.

Costs – the fabric was free, from a fabric swap meet

Pattern – Lane Raglan, $USD10, bought in December 2017

Do it again – not sure.

I wonder if a raglan top really suits me. Every sleeve pattern I use requires a bicep adjustment and they are tricky in a raglan sleeve. And the necklines are all so wide, requiring yet another adjustment. Miss 13 likes it, so does Miss 18. The pattern is likely to be used again for them.

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I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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5 Responses to Raglan top

  1. Ria Henley says:

    Very nice..!!!


  2. Ciara says:

    I got a hankering for a raglan tee like a year & a half ago. I used a Patterns 4 Pirates pattern…What a disaster. But even aside from the whole hot mess of the pattern, I wonder if raglans just don’t suit my body type? I love the way they look on other people, but I have pretty narrow shoulders & I feel like raglans just exacerbate the disproportion? I don’t know.


    • Accordion3 says:

      Rapidly agreeing with you! I think you need clearly defined shoulders to really pull off a raglan. Adding a shoulder pad helps but shoulder pads are not a good look in casual clothes!


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