A new ukulele case – part one

I bought a ukulele some years ago. I bought a soft gig bag at the same time. The zip pull fell off both ends of the zip, then the zipper thing fell off one end. I clearly needed a new case. Nonetheless, I continued to use if for a few more weeks (the ukulele is one of the instruments I use at work).

DSC00609I looked at several internet tutorials, and found a pattern for a case on Etsy.  I read this tutorial a few times and looked at a simpler one by this guy (where the actual instructions seem to be missing now). I ended up creating a blend of both.

I traced around the uke and added 1.5cm for the seam allowance. I thought about following every curve and decided that would be too much like hard work. I drew a line from the widest part of the uke to the tuning pegs. A long triangle shape with rounded base and point emerged.


I wanted the case to be padded and have some thermal protection. My uke sometimes spends time in the back of a hot car and that plays merry havoc with the tuning. I had four layers for the top and bottom – stripey soft cotton/ply blend, foam padding, heat reflective fabric (Insulbrite) and the flamingo drill.




I put a zippered pocket on one side, thus making it the top. The zip was a tad too long so I just cut it down to fit. Not sure why I put the pocket on, I’m yet to use it.




The sides were denim cut from old jeans and padding came from navy blue fleece. I quilted them together using a nice wide zig zag stitch, in pink. I made up a handle from the last of the flamingo fabric and the denim.



DSC00653I needed an opening at the base of the case and decided to use a silver and pink zip. That went in with no dramas, but working out the length needed to go around the top and bottom bits was difficult. Totally did my head in. I got a bit clever and tapered the side so that it was narrower at the head than the base. Wasted effort! Attaching the sides to the bottom (zippered) bit involved many layers and my machine was displeased.


That blurry shiny bit is the needle you see there. More details in the next post!


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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2 Responses to A new ukulele case – part one

  1. kathleenbenitez says:

    I love the flamingos! I made a uke case for my son and added a combination backpack/over the shoulder strap. I used car headliner as the padding, which is definitely sufficient for his kid’s uke. My husband I bought a hard case for ;-).

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