Swimming shorts

I needed swimming gear. I went to Queensland for a holiday break with my eldest lass. One week on a tropical island and a few days in Brisbane. In January.

I needed swimming gear. I burn like the true English rose I am. I also needed a rash top and some board shorts. I decided to make them all, as you do. Enter swim shorts from Jalie – 3351, view A.

Jalie swim shorts

They are basically shorts with the knickers bit attached. These have a side insert that forms a pocket, large enough for a phone. I like pockets for phones but not sure how useful they are on swimmers.

I downloaded the pattern, did the print/slice/tape dance and started measuring. I have a strong preference for tissue patterns, but, will accept patterns with small pieces in PDF. The sort where each piece has three or four A4 pages to complete. Each pattern piece took up a few pages but it wasn’t so bad. OR possibly I’ve just forgotten.

2017-12-31 14.06.57I measured and decided that I was somewhere between a Y and AA. I traced off both lines and realised that were roughly 5mm apart… That greatly troubled my inner fitting and accuracy soul. Then I realised that I was working with very stretchy fabric and the difference wouldn’t matter. Especially after getting wet. I got over myself and started cutting the Y.

2018-01-01 14.40.40

I had lightweight spandex which was black with a small print. The knickers and waistband bit needed lining. I used swimwear lining, in beige. Does it come in anything other than beige or black?

The instructions look to be good but I ignored them – I clearly know better! For no good reason as it turns out. On the whole they went together well. The drafting is accurate which I really appreciate.

2017-12-31 16.37.47I am very new to sewing swimmers or undies. Attaching the elastic to the leg openings of the knickers was not easy.  There are a few several not perfect spots. Similarly, there are ripples in the side seams. I’d like to blame the fabric, but suspect it is my inexperience.


2018-01-28 14.45.48

2018-01-28 14.46.05

Eventually they came together and I realised that I hadn’t sewn the inserts together to form a pocket. Decide that I don’t care, reasoning that it will only trap sand and make my phone wet. I do like the cover stitching at the top of the pockets and they look good hanging against the louvers.

Fabric – 1 metres of black spandex, bought from the People’s Park Complex in Singapore 2016 – $6.00

Lining – less than a metre of lining fabric – can’t remember where it came from!

Pattern – Jalie 3351 – Pdf download $12.00

Notions – all from stash.

Nuisance factor – If I had followed the instructions it would probably be low. I stuffed up the order so it was medium overall.

Total = roughly $25.00

Do it again? – Yes but with alterations. I’d remove the side panels and extend the sides of the shorts pattern instead. I will also add length to the shorts.


About Accordion3

I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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