Vogue 1446 – finished!

img_1146I finished the pleating and side seams. Time for a quick fit session. Umm – still too long in the body. Another 5cm came out, lifting the hem to just above her knee. I added the lining and another try on happened.

The lining pieces were too narrow in the skirt for the elder to stumble, let alone walk or sit. I added godets into the side seams and that was OK.

The elder had another try on. The length was good, the back straps needed the zip inserted, before I could properly finish the fitting. I inserted my first ever invisible zipper. With a normal zipper foot, on a machine I don’t know. I used THIS YouTube video to help.  A few more tucks and tweaks and the dress was finished !!




A quick press and she was off to the pre-party. With ten minutes to spare!





Final verdict

The elder will always need to buy small sizes and possibly make further alterations.

The lining pattern pieces were terrible!  They were the main pieces but without the walking ease given by all the pleats. The pattern needs separate lining pieces, with an a-line skirt shape to them.

The pleating took a long time and required precision measuring, pressing and stitching. This dress took longer than anything I’ve made for quite some time. I’ve made lined jackets in less time. Can’t remember if I’ve said it in previous posts, there were 80 pleats in total. Each took between five and ten minutes to create, a little over 10 hours in total!

The embroidery on the hem meant that I had to be very careful about the end-point placement of the pleats. I made the mistake of making them too long, as the elder has a short torso (like me). I had to take five centimetres off, from the top of the dress. Luckily it worked and the hem length was OK.

Costs & details:

Pattern – $US5.00+international postage to Australia (along with some other patterns)

Dress fabric – $SGD60.oo – Embroidered cotton and cotton lawn for the lining, bought in Singapore. Five metres of each.

Bag fabric – $AUD7.00 – Black velvet, half a metre.

Notions – $AUD10.00 – Zip, interfacing, thread.

We bought dressy sandals here in Melbourne ($60.00) and a pashmina in Singapore ($SGD10.00). At the time the AUD and SGD were effectively equal. Total cost for the whole outfit was $AUD155.oo. Happy with that!

I haven’t included the cost of the tea, headache pain relief, gin, wine, and machine repairs.

The elder lass loves the dress, and she had a terrific evening with her friends. She has promised to choose an easier pattern for her Year 12 dress.

These are the first and second posts about the dress.

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I sew, ride a bike, bake, read a lot of books and sometimes skate. I also play several instruments, one of them is the Accordion.
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5 Responses to Vogue 1446 – finished!

  1. Sarah Liz says:

    Phew! I remember the machine breaking down on you. It’s amazing you managed to finish this at all, with that problem. As for the alterations, how tedious – and fancy no walking ease in the lining. I do wonder about modern designers, I don’t think they know basic principles. But the result is lovely. Glad it worked out and she enjoyed her night.


  2. Lizzie says:

    Wow, what a lot of work! I remember making my daughter’s Year 11 dress (which was actually a skirt and top) for her ball – she was very slim and nothing in the shops would fit. And I also made a bag!


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