I’ve been away for a while..

A lot happened in 2016, in my little sphere, not just the world in general.

The blog was previously hosted on a server that took a career turn. Everything went off line then could not be brought back. Not really sure when that happened, but it was sometime after April.


I didn’t really notice as I worked all year on writing my Masters thesis and finally submitted it on December 19th. The thesis really dominated the second half of the year and took over almost every part of my life.


I sewed a little bit, and stopped cycling for a while. I had to give up skating due to time and financial pressures.

I took lots of photos and posted them on Instagram. Now that the thesis has been submitted I can return to non-academic writing for fun! I can also get back to cycling, sewing more often and possibly even skating again.


The next few weeks will see me posting some of the things I did last year.


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